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Aerial Photogrammetrics 


Aerial photogrammetry is a photograph capture method using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which are post-processed isometrically, allowing to identify the depth of surfaces through overlapping images. 


The result of this procedure is an orthophoto, which consists of a digital model generated from aerial images. Those are orthogonally rectified to avoid that the point of view of the camera affects the representation of the surface. 


Surveying Control Systems Ltda. uses the Phantom 3 RTK or Pro drone with CMOS passive-pixel sensors and an integrated DJI FC6310-R camera. 


Its main features are: 

  • Pixel precision of approx. 3.5 cm. (at 120 m. high). 

  • Flight autonomy of between 12-15 minutes.  

  • Protects the safety of personnel, since it is possible to take points in areas of difficult access or high risk.  

  • Reduces working times, since it is capable of surveying more points per day than in traditional topography.  

  • Drone aerial photogrammetry provides better pixel definition than other flight methods, as it allows a lower flight height. 

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