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Terrestrial Scanning Laser & 3D Modelling

The terrestrial laser scanner is a technology that allows to model structures in a three-dimensional point cloud, which is generated by a transmitter that propagates a million laser pulses per second to collect spatial information from the surface.   


With this device it is possible to model as-built plans of a construction, that is, a three-dimensional record of it already completed and with all its modifications incorporated. The terrestrial laser scanner is particularly useful for indoor spaces, such as plants or pipelines, where surveying with drones is not feasible.   


Surveying Control Systems Ltda. uses the FARO Focus 3D terrestrial laser scanner. 


Its main features are: 

  • Adaptable to all type of surfaces, even in absence of light. 

  • Millimeter precision. 

  • Able to collect approx. 180 million points per position in a few minutes, making it the fastest surveying technology. 

  • Surveying capacity in a radius of 120 meters.  

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