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Geophysical Surveying

Geophysical surveying is a method that allows to localize underground elements or structures in a non-invasive way, to avoid test pits or other types of destructive interventions. For this procedure, two systems combined are needed. 


One is the Cable & Pipe Locator, which is effective for locating metallic pipelines and energized cables in a depth range of up to 10 meters, since it recognizes electromagnetic waves, either by direct, indirect or passive induction.  


The second is the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), which can complement the surveying of structures at less depth, especially when they are of materials not traceable for the Cable & Pipe Locator, such as plastic. This because the GPR emits and recaptures electromagnetic waves, which interact with elements and conditions present underground. 


Surveying Control Systems Ltda. uses the Vivax-Metrotech vLocPro2 Cable & Pipe Locator. 


Its main features are: 

  • Ideal for locating metallic pipelines and energized cables. 

  • Surveying of up to 10 meters depth depending on the signal strength.  


Also, we use the Leica DS2000 GPR. 


Its main features are: 

  • Ability to detect all kinds of elements underground, regardless of the material. 

  • Dual-frequency antenna to detect deep and shallow targets simultaneously. 

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